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Подвеска задних колёс на переднеприводных автомобилях полунезависимая, на полноприводных Audi A6 quattro многорычажная со стабилизатором поперечной устойчивости. The correct CD magazine for this changer is part # 3B0 051 179. The Concert radio can also be used with some aftermarket Panasonic CD changer models with an appropriate adapter and installation kit. The quattro system in these cars is purely mechanical, no electronics at all. The stock mounting location is in the trunk, in an enclosed compartment. On the A4 and A6 sedans it’s below the tool kit box. On other models the location may vary.

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Audi symphony 2 инструкция

Уважаемые клиенты, временно из за технических проблем номер телефона 8-800-550-0042 не работает. Для того, что бы подключить Yatour в штатную магнитолу, предварительно нужно выяснить какой разъем для подключения внешнего CD чейнджера находится в вашей магнитоле. Aftermarket CD changers, including those made by Alpine, cannot be used. Monitor] [Adaptation — 10] Enter channel 01 Enter a value between 50-100 (it should be 100 by default) for the sensitivity of the ultra-sound sensors[Save] 55-Headlight Range: KWP-1281 VCDS Seems to work fine. The CD magazine (part # 4D0 051 179), however, is actually the Alpine 4905, and can be bought from an Alpine car stereo dealer. Note: Someone has made an adapter to allow an external MP3 player, aftermarket CD changer or other device to pipe audio into the Delta CC’s CD changer input. Please check this quick guide (.pdf) for more infomation. GROM-MST4-BMWO4: usage manual of GROM kit in BMW fiber-optic with iDrive Usage manual for GROM-MST4 unit in BMW with M.O.S.T. fiber optic stereo and iDrive. This radio is compatible with the Audi PhatNoise digital audio player, see below. Advanced folder browsing is available with this firmware. GROM MP3 firmware for Toyota will work for GROM-USB3 kit only. Диаметр разворота автомобиля в кузове седан = 11,68 м.

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Для Volkswagen Информация по выбору кабеля сопряжения для Volkswagen и Audi.pdfВ данном Руководнстве представлена информация о выборе модификации кабеля подключения GROM адаптера к магнитоле в автомобилях Volkswagen и Audi в зависимости от модели и года выпуска. Инструкция Audi Concert PDF 5569 Аудиосистема AUDI Gamma CC. Инструкция Audi Gamma CC DOC 1934 Система информации/MMI. Инструкция AUDI MMI 2009 PDF 73995 Автомобиль AUDI Q7. Инструкция AUDI Q7 PDF 11996 Аудиосистема AUDI Symphony. Read the document to understand what to do. This manual is a step by step guide for setting up your USB storage device in order to use it with GROM USB adapter.

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They are to be used at your own risk. Apparently 2005 and later Audi radios with Satellite Radio feature are no longer compatible with the PhatNoise system. Enter 5-digit code from below[Do It!] Look at the first two digits in the coding. Check to see if your car stereo is compatible with the GROM adapter! The «generic» (i.e., aftermarket) PhatBox unit will not work with Audi radios. Информация должна быть проверяема, иначе она может быть поставлена под сомнение и удалена.Вы можете отредактировать эту статью, добавив ссылки на авторитетные источники.Эта отметка установлена 2 августа 2013 года. Гарантия на все адаптеры Yatour в нашем интернет-магазине составляет 2 года. Such stereos are: all Symphony II, some Symphony and Concert radio. GROM part # AUDS is required in order to connect GROM adapter to this head unit. Click here for information about the circuit and its programming.

Harness compatibility chart for GROM adapters Please take a look at the harness compatibility chart for the GROM adapters. There is a European version of this radio called «Chorus II» that has a cassette player instead of CD. It is not used in any US models. Unfortunately, the adapter is based on a circuit board that is no longer being sold by its maker. Tips and tricks are only one click away! The port is located at the back of the stereo. В этой статье не хватает ссылок на источники информации. Look for them at Autotoys, Aamp of America, or your local car stereo specialist.

The stock mounting location is in the trunk, in a plastic box (which is supplied with the installation kit) located to the left on the trunk floor. Таблица совместимости автомобилей и GROM комплектов.pdfОбщая таблица совместимости автомобилей с учетом марки, модели и года выпуска и GROM комплектов с учетом особенностей функионального назначения. The stock mounting location is in the trunk, below the rear parcel shelf. Для Mazda3, Mazda5 08-09 c MP3 магнитолой Подключение в MAZDA 8.5 с MP3 магнитолой с использованием замков P-Tap.pdfИнструкция по подключению GROM комплектов в автомобиль Mazda 3, 5 08-09 с использованием замков P-Tap. You can play any app through USB connection on GROM-USB2P, and GROM-AND2 kits. To enable USB streaming you will need to apply the configuration file. Все модели оснащались антиблокировочной системой тормозов ABS фирмы Bosch.

You may search and navigate the music files using the factory radio’s CD changer controls. This manual provides with more information on how to install the jumper, if your stereo model starts with AD. VW AUDI Fitment Guide Fitment guide for VW and AUDI cars. Look closely at your stereo next to TOYOTA written on front face. If model of stereo starts with AD then you will need to add Jumper in place. It is included in small bag with your TOY1 cable. Система антиблокировки тормозов (ABS) с электронным распределением тормозных сил (EBV) и вакуумным усилителем. Switching between USB, iPod and AUX modes (applies to USB2P kit only) You will learn how to switch between three different modes: USB, iPod and AUX on your GROM-USB2P MP3 car kit. Click on any radio image to see a larger version. The Audi version of the PhatBox, sold through Audi dealers, has special firmware and a special interface adapter. Инструкция AUDI Symphony PDF 2611 Автомобиль AUDI TT. Инструкция AUDI TT Coupe PDF 27481 Стоимость услуг по предоставлению одной инструкции — 99 руб.

This address is used by the Haldex system used in transverse-engine cars like the TT, the A3, and various Golf/Bora models. 35-Central Locks: — KWP-1281 VCDS Works fine (note: pre-’97 A4’s may not have this module). Recode locking options [Select] [35 — Cent. News (2006): Audi is phasing out the PhatNoise system, and remaining dealer stock, if available, are being heavily discounted. Monitor: — KWP-1281 VCDS Works fine (note: This is tied in with 35-Central Locking so it may not work with pre-’97). Sensitivity Adjustment[Select] [45 — Int. There is a European version of this radio called «Gamma CD» that has a CD player instead of cassette, but it was not used on any US models. However you could make your own if you’re savvy with electronics. Наиболее простой способ определить разъем в магнитоле это выбрать по году выпуска автомобиля. The 6-disc version: (part # 4A0 035 111). The 10-disc version is no longer available. CD changers were not available as an option on the Audi 90 series or the Cabriolet. Для Nissan, Infiniti Подключение в Nissan/Infiniti.pdfИнструкция по подключению некоторых GROM комплектов в автомобиль Nissan/Infiniti 03+ с использованием замков P-Tap. The MP3 firmware is available for select Toyota, Lexus and Scion navigation stereos. Ti Kan: Audi Radios Ti Kan: Audi Radios The following is a list and information about the standard radios that came equipped on U.S. market Audis. Вот сейчас оттрахаешся с этой фигнёй,а клиенту это по боку будет.Так как в авто всё будет работать. И что на выходе будешь иметь,кроме потраченого времени?

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